Dylan's Story

I had former addictions to ice and other drugs like marijuana and alcohol addictions that were going on well before my teens. They just got worse over the years. I also got into criminal activities and was in and out of court rooms a lot when I was younger, in and out of hospitals for things – just not going down a very good path. ​


I got to a turning point in my life when I was sleeping on a concrete floor at the back of an abandoned house and I thought I’m sick of doing this and so I thought I might give Teen Challenge a go. Since coming here Teen Challenge has done heaps for me, they’ve helped me so much. They’ve helped me to work on myself, the case workers have been great, they’ve given me a lot of time and put a lot of effort into my recovery. It wasn’t just something I’d done on my own, it’s something I’d done through the staff and through God and it was really great the help that I got here. 

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