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Mel's Story

Mel's Story

Before coming to Teen Challenge, I was in and out of an abusive relationship which was built on drinking, and taking marijuana and methamphetamine. I came to Teen Challenge to find purpose in life, stop the cycle of abuse and drugs, and find a life free of substances.


Arriving at Teen Challenge I was expecting a clinical facility but was surprised at how beautiful and home-like the New Life Women's Centre was. Everyone was friendly and I was embraced and felt supported. When I came into the program, life really began to change for me. It was a full on year of regaining my identity, learning to live without drugs, knowing who I was without drugs, dealing with underlying issues and forgiving myself, along with others.


Through the program I found a new way of thinking and dealing with my issues. The team at Teen Challenge helped me go through a healing process and to change my thinking from negative to positive through support and encouragement. I formed a strong relationship with God and honestly the biggest lesson I've learned is that I can't do life alone and that with God in my life, all things are possible.


It was definitely the best decision I could have made to enter the Teen Challenge program. To this day I can’t believe the healing that has taken place in my mind, body and soul. Those dreams I once had as a little girl are now becoming my reality! And the confidence I have now is possible without drugs.


After finishing the program I continue to live free from drugs, with a clear mindset and a passion to help others. I have completed two years of studies and now have a job helping young people deal with life issues.


Teen Challenge has made the impossible possible for me and I will be forever grateful. My possibilities are endless, I live a life of freedom and I am living proof that anyone can change!

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