Kindness & Generosity are good for us

Did you know that kindness and generosity are good for your health? Just doing one act of kindness a day can make you a calmer, healthier, happier person and can even add years to your life. It is also contagious.


This Spring you are invited to spread kindness by giving a financial gift to help raise $24,000. Every donation large or small will go towards enabling 4 people to complete the 12-week 'Recover' phase of the New Life Centre rehabilitation program. 


It will transform the lives of people just like *Steph.

Steph's story

Steph is currently in the TCQ drug & alcohol rehabilitation program and she wants to get well.

She was just 17 when her experimentation with drugs led to a serious addiction. She said coming

to TCQ was a hard decision but one she was ready to make. Steph is committed to doing the

12-month program.

For Steph, the cost of investing in herself will mean that she can find the freedom to live a life, post-rehab, with purpose. She is learning how to be kind to herself and others. Kindness is contagious. Your kind donation makes this happen.

*Name changed to protect privacy

Thank You!

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