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New Hope House

New Hope House is the emergency accommodation centre for young men aged between 16 and 25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.


Located in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, New Hope House is more than just a roof over a young person's head. It provides an opportunity for young people to make positive life choices. Individual case management and flexible programs are offered to residents based on key living skills.

Level 1 - Overnight Accommodation

New Hope House offers crisis accommodation in Brisbane (from one - seven nights) until you have time to work out your situation. Level 1 aims to provide you with an insight into where you are in your life, and help you to establish a plan that will help you get where you would like to be.

You'll be given information regarding the options that are available to you within New Hope House (for instance, the Level 2 program). You'll also be offered support from the new Hope House workers, crisis counselling and information about other appropriate services that might be of help to you.

Level 2 - Positive Lifestyle Choices Program

Level 2 is for those who want help to change their life, and this program goes for up to three months. We understand that everybody wants to have fun, but we hope that your future is more important to you than taking the easy way out. We are here to help and support you; however it is up to you to take responsibility for your life.

If you are prepared to work through some of your problems, Level Two will offer you a longer term stay of up to three months, with a program that is aimed at developing your living skills. You’ll be working with New Hope House workers and will receive weekly case management reviews, as well as counselling (if required).

If you wish to stay at New Hope House for longer than the initial seven night period, we will work with you to negotiate a plan for you to follow. This will include you working towards your goals.

We will want to see you participating in or making steps towards engaging in employment and/or training, and actively looking for medium to long-term accommodation. You will also be preparing and sticking to a budget that involves savings, rent and other necessities. You’ll be required to attend reviews with your case worker, and remain at New Hope House during the day except when attending worker approved activities.

 "At first I thought New Hope House was just a place where I could find accommodation, but I found much more than just that. I've found a place where I grew personally, learned valuable interpersonal, communication and independent living skills." - Vladimir