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New Hope House

New Hope House (NHH) is a Youth Crisis Accommodation located in Inner North Brisbane.  NHH accommodates up to seven young men aged between 16 and 25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness for up to three months.  In that time, the NHH team will support these young men by providing respite from their crisis. NHH offers a safe environment. NHH helps facilitate accessing services such as medical, mental health, housing, alcohol and drug services, cultural and legal services. The Positive Lifestyle Choices Program assists young men with practical living skills and encouragement to make positive choices in their own life. The service will also help reconnect residents with family when appropriate and help rebuild broken relationships. The goal is that a stay at NHH will equip residents with the knowledge, skills and confidence to live independently and access appropriate support ongoing.

 "At first I thought New Hope House was just a place where I could find accommodation, but I found much more than just that. I've found a place where I grew personally, learned valuable interpersonal, communication and independent living skills." - Vladimir

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