With the help of our generous supporters, we have seen thousands of comeback stories written. We are determined to eradicate the cycle of addiction and create a generation of overcomers. Here are just a few of the incredible stories of transformation we've witnessed of young people who have recovered from addictions.


Mick's Story

"I was born in a little country town. My mum and dad lost a baby after my birth and separated soon after. I remember my mum dropping me off at my Nan and Pop’s and then she just didn't come back. I was only two. I always felt like I was an inconvenience."


Rachel's Story

"I came from an ordinary home in many ways. My parents loved me, but there were problems in the marriage, and they broke up when I was young. I lived in a regional town in Australia that didn’t have a lot going for it. Many of my friend’s parents drank in excess and took drugs.
I began experimenting with other substances. I felt more confident when I took drugs and there were a lot of parties to go to. Before too long I was introduced to heroin."


Joy's Story

“I grew up in a regular family, but at 10, I developed an eating disorder, I started binge drinking at 15 and took drugs for the first time at Schoolies. I went to the New Life Centre (NLC) after I had become a mother. I didn’t want to be there but was facing criminal charges, and I thought rehab would look good in court. I now am so glad I did the whole year of rehab. I rebuilt my life on a firm foundation and now have a hope for my future."

Steve's Story

"When I first came to New Hope House (NHH), I was in a very dark place. I’m now in a better place with hope for the future."

Peter's Story

"Before coming to New Hope House I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life. I have reconnected with God and found myself."


Mark's Story

"I was 18 and in the grip of heroin addiction when I first came across Teen Challenge. I had been battling an escalating drug addiction for 3 years. I didn’t want to go to rehab but my time in Teen Challenge changed and saved my life."

Fiona's Story

”I lost 16 years to addiction and I came to Teen Challenge QLD broken. Because of my time in Teen Challenge QLD I am now whole. I have found peace."

David's Story

“I came to Teen Challenge broken and exhausted. My life strewn with the consequences of hard living. After my time at Teen Challenge, my life went from strength to strength."


Ben's Story

"I was a heroin addict for ten years, used methamphetamine regularly and was severely depressed. I had a family of four children I was providing for but they often suffered greatly because of my lifestyles and behaviours. Since completing the Teen Challenge program I have gone from strength to strength. Teen Challenge changed my life forever."

Ami's Story

“My life changed when I was 10, my innocence was stolen and a downward spiral began. My ICE addiction led me to the sex industry and a life of brokenness and instability. Then I found Teen Challenge and was welcomed with open arms, no judgement, just love. I am now the woman I always wanted to be. My future is full of possibilities."


Blain's Story

"Before coming to Teen Challenge I had been battling an ICE addiction. I felt I was beyond help and had little to no hope of things changing for me."


Ellie's Story

"Before I came to Teen Challenge my life was a mess. When I was 13 I developed depression which turned into self-harming, an eating disorder, drinking and dabbling in drugs by age 14. At 16 I was at my worse. Mum had lost all hope, she didn’t know what to do anymore. This is when my mum found Teen Challenge QLD."


Dylan's Story

"I got to a turning point in my life when I was sleeping on a concrete floor at the back of an abandoned house and I thought I’m sick of doing this and so I thought I might give Teen Challenge a go. Since coming here Teen Challenge has done heaps for me, they’ve helped me so much. They’ve helped me to work on myself, the case workers have been great, they’ve given me a lot of time and put a lot of effort into my recovery."


Mikey's Story

"I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t here. If I wasn’t here I’m afraid to say that I’d probably be either in jail or dead. But the blessing is this place is here and it’s because of the people that volunteer or help fund this place that it’s still able to run, that it’s still able to be that light on a hill for people that are so desperate for hope."


Mel's Story

"I was in and out of an abusive relationship which was built on drinking, marijuana and methamphetamine. I came to Teen Challenge to find purpose in life, to stop the cycle of abuse and drugs, and to find a life free from substances. Through the program I found a new way of thinking and dealing with my issues."

Lauren's Story

"Before I came here I was in a pretty unhealthy place and I’m just really happy to be going away feeling full in my heart and healthy in my mind, healthy in my body and healthy in my spirit. I’m truly grateful and I’m pretty sure my husband and my daughters are pretty grateful too, to be able to have me back well and happy and healthy."


Jesse's Story

"I came from a loving family but was introduced to drugs as a teenager. I was intoxicated by ICE and other drugs and quickly made one poor decision after another. My life quickly spiralled and I lost everything. I was hustling for money and living rough. My mother found out about Teen Challenge QLD and I joined the program. When I entered the rehab program things changed for me."

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