New Life Centres

Our women’s facility caters for women aged 18-39 and our men’s facility caters for men aged 18-45 who are seeking to recover from addiction and other life-controlling issues.

We operate two residential rehabilitation facilities for both men and women, located in a peaceful rural setting in Toowoomba.

We have more than 45 years of experience and a 70% high success rate with those seeking to make a life change. We aim to meet the needs of the whole person; not only dealing with the addiction, but also targeting the underlying issues that led to their addiction. 

What do we do?

Develop personal coping skills by incorporating positive lifestyle choices that lay the foundation for living free in the community.

Who's it for?

Young men and women needing to recover from addiction and other life-controlling problems, and are willing to participate in a faith-based program and commit to a drug free lifestyle. 

What happens?

Young people at the New Life Centre are referred to as ‘students’ because they are there to learn a new way to live their lives. Participation is required in all aspects of the program.

Call Us: (07) 3422 1500

"I got to a turning point in my life when I was sleeping on a concrete floor at the back of an abandoned house and I thought I’m sick of doing this and so I thought I might give Teen Challenge a go. Since coming here Teen Challenge has done heaps for me, they’ve helped me so much. They’ve helped me to work on myself, the case workers have been great, they’ve given me a lot of time and put a lot of effort into my recovery." - Dylan

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