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*Chloe's Story

*Chloe's Story

Chloe* was on a dark path, feeling hopelessly lost and turning to drugs to escape.

She suffered severe anxiety after being bullied at school while her much-loved father was away overseas on military service. She shares...

“I got very depressed in grade eleven. I dropped out of school, which my parents were very sad about. I spent a couple of months catatonic in bed – just ate and slept.

I started hanging out with friends who were very much into drinking and smoking weed. I was a real brat, sneaking out… I was angry at my dad for being absent… One thing led to another. Heroin. Pills. Ice.”

Thankfully, Chloe made a friend who led her to Teen Challenge QLD, where…

“The staff showed me real love. God worked in me. I stayed clean and had a change of heart.

I met Jesus for real. My heart softened.”

Before she came to Teen Challenge, Chloe says: “I was lost and looking to the world to fill the void…”

Along with new joy, Chloe got the “drive and passion” to start volunteering at a local radio station, and she learned new skills at Teen Challenge QLD that equipped her to help others in need.

Now 8 years later, Chloe serves as a youth worker giving hope to others and, as she says:

“Things can get better. How you feel now, what you’re going through now, is not forever. It can feel like that because emotions can be so overwhelming. It’s okay to not be okay.”

At Teen Challenge, we’re so grateful for generous friends like you because:

“It’s been such a journey of forgiveness for me. I have so much love and I would not be where I am without Teen Challenge.

It’s such an opportunity to learn about yourself and to learn about God. To deal with the junk and get your life right. There’s nothing else like it.”

Chloe’s story shows how your support helps make a powerful difference for young people who are working to end addiction’s grip on their lives. Thank you!

*name changed to protect privacy

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