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*Jessica's Story

*Jessica's Story

Jessica* grew up with a loving family. But as a young adult she began drinking and experimenting with drugs. When she finished school, she began a relationship with a man who was dealing drugs. It wasn’t long after the relationship became abusive. Jessica was trapped in a nightmare of violence. She didn’t know how to escape. Addiction and fear followed her everywhere she went.

Jess had been isolated from her family and friends.   One birthday she met up with some old friends who noticed the bruises and realised the danger she was in — they drove her straight to her parent’s house, and  Jess came to Teen Challenge shortly after. That’s when her life began to change. Jess began to trust herself again and she earnt the trust of others.

Jess says it best; “I came to Teen Challenge very lost.  But through the program I learnt to trust myself again and I gained back the trust of those around me”.

Jess is an example of how true transformation doesn’t come from behaviour modification or ‘trying harder’ it comes from a deeper place.

“Teen Challenge reminded me that there is always hope.  There’s always the possibility of change happening.  It doesn’t matter how far we’ve gone into addiction.  We can change; we can turn our lives around”.

After several years of training and study, Jessica is now working as a school chaplain and as a pastor. She is a trusted and respected member of the school she works in  and  the community she lives in.  

All of this made possible because of the generous supporters of Teen Challenge QLD. Thank you.

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