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*Jimmy's Story

*Jimmy's Story

I'm going to start my story with a quote from Nelson Mandela's book because this is the first book I picked up when I walked into New Hope House (Long walk to freedom) " A sinner is a saint who keeps on trying". This quote set the foundation of my mentality from the first day I moved into New Hope House. It has given me the motivation to keep on trying in life but most importantly learning to do God's work,  because I am a sinner but now I'm a sinner on my way to restore my mind with the wisdom of God and fill my heart with the love of God.

Before New Hope House I was a like a lost vessel in the middle of the big blue ocean, with a broken compass, no guidance and a weak spirit, I kept running into sin. I could go into depth of the sins I've committed but that would contradict what I've learnt throughout my stay at New Hope House and that is "no old life talk" I think that's one of the rules in the tenant agreement notice once you move in. My sins led me to a point in life where I didn't believe in myself and didn't have anyone else to go to, I hate that feeling of being in a train with no home to go to and no one to go to for advice on how I should approach my problems, I used to pounder on my problems so bad I'd sweat in my sleep

I'm glad to say now I don't sweat in my sleep anymore. 

My first night at New Hope House was the last night I sweat in my sleep, because as the days went and the more books I read, the more I opened up to all the workers and other house mates, I felt a presences of peace within my heart. The love and hospitality I got from everyone in this house amounts to the same love and support I would get back in my home country   Papua New Guinea (PNG) from my own family, even though they see this as coming to work to me it felt like another family member coming home after a long break.

The best part about everything was sitting at the table like a family saying grace and eating together, I love that feeling of sitting around the table and eating together.

I'll will never forget the names of these people that helped  fixed my compass and steered me back into the path of God. And as for this house it restored what was lost, Hope

I believe I was brought here not because I was homeless but because I hoped less. God made us in his image, he knows us better than we know ourselves he brought me here to give me a little nudge but a little nudge from God is not so little at all I came into this house eager to save money and get out quick, I achieved a lot from 1 month and 2 weeks, I finally have a job a clear mind somewhat of a tonned body ("big boii") and my faith restored, I can't believe I've gone to church 5 Sundays in a row and I am getting baptised this Sunday!!

I crawled into the house of the Lord (New Hope House) and now I'm walking out equipped with weapons God gave Jesus when he was in the wilderness when Jesus himself was tempted by Satan. I used to ask what was God's work, now I know I am God's work brought to help his light shine onto others like me and build unbreakable faith with my brothers and sisters in his house of worship We are all sinners but Gods love is sharper than a two edge sword, meditate on his word, love everyone, listen to the Godly thoughts that come into your mind because the devil lingers there tempting you with lies, we live in the flesh the real battle is fought spiritually and in your mind so listen to God's voice when you face temptation.

As my time at New Hope House comes to an end I leave with sadness because I've grown to love this place but I also leave knowing I have brothers I can look to for advice, Hope in my heart and a restored spirit hungry for God's work.

*Name and image changed to protect privacy

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