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*Madison's Story

*Madison's Story

I began smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol at 15 years old. I also developed an addiction to Valium. I came into the program in my early 20’s; I was so tired of life, I was in strife with the law and wanted a different life.

I remember coming into the program highly anxious, and my emotions could change from tears to rage very quickly. I worked hard on facing my issues in the year I was in the New Life Centre. It was hard. I graduated from the program, and I remember saying, “ I feel so much love and acceptance from everyone”. I left feeling strong. I volunteered for 6 months at the centre. I wanted to encourage the women in the program to hang in as they work towards their recovery. I am a beautician and am enjoying working and doing the ordinary things that make up a good life.

*Name and image changed to protect privacy

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