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*Meg's Story

*Meg's Story

I have been in the program now for nearly 12 months. The day my parents dropped me off at the New Life Centre, I was so weak, and so angry. 

“How dare you!” I thought, but it was the NLC or prison so I made my way inside the building. I remember Janne hugging my mum while she cried. She’s like a mum to all of us in here.

As my parents left, they didn’t look back and I thought “who cares?” I couldn’t love myself so maybe they had stopped loving me. 

I found love here though, and acceptance. I held on to the message that Noelene and the others kept telling me; “there is hope, you can change, your life isn’t always going to be like this.” 

Looking back, I see a bunch of stuff more clearly. Being in the program is hard, but it’s been worth it. I felt so much shame, and over time I realized just what I had lost and the cost to my parents and the rest of the family. 

But being here made me face some stuff. I haven’t dealt with everything. but I will. And I am sorry for the pain I have caused my family. 

*Name and image changed to protect privacy

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