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*Nick's Story

*Nick's Story

“I first resorted to gaming and created an online life to help numb my pain. I moved on to marijuana, then alcohol and other drugs. Over time I developed a deep-seated hatred for myself.

“In 2014 I experienced a full-blown psychosis, and I was scared… and so were my mum and dad. I tried to get sober because I could see how my addiction and mental health issues were affecting not just myself but everyone around me.

“I would be sober for 6-8 months and then relapse under the pressure of life, coupled with my self-loathing. More psychoses and hospital admissions of up to four months followed”

When Nick joined the Teen Challenge Rehabilitation Program at Toowoomba’s New Life Men’s Centre, everything changed.  His experience was a powerful and positive one. And none of this would have been possible without the support of people like you.

It was here that Nick says he found hope, and his worldview began to shift in big ways.  He began to find a love for life, and an appreciation for himself and others around him.

“My toolbox expanded dramatically with knowledge, coping strategies, self-growth, and connection. I will forever be grateful”.

Life still threw some curve balls at Nick. He completed an apprenticeship in civil construction, but it wasn’t what he wanted to do. The workplace environment was not healthy. Everything came crashing down, and after two years of sobriety, he started drinking heavily again.

This is where your support continues to give second chances to people like Nick, to be there for people who need hope and the support to start afresh. Nick went back to rehab and now he is working at his dream job as a Mental Health Peer Worker.

He is a respected team member in a clinical environment. The position is challenging but Nick has embraced each challenge and continues to upskill.

Nick says it best: “I am now connected at work and at home. I have a family of my own and a young baby who brings so much joy to my world. I have a strong and healthy support network. I can embrace my future with hope.”

Nick’s story shows how the power of community and generosity can make all the difference. Nick has moved from addiction to recovery with your help. Thank you!

*name changed to protect privacy

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