Ben's Story

Ben's Story

Before I went to Teen Challenge my life was a catastrophe. I had been a heroin addict for ten years sometimes stabling out on the Subutex program. I was severely depressed and heavily medicated on different anti-depressants and benzodiazepine medications. I used methamphetamine on a regular basis. I was unstable, a social outcast and couldn’t function consistently in society whatsoever.


Although I had the massive addictions and mental problems I had a family of four children I was providing for but they often suffered greatly because of my lifestyles and behaviours. I then started the Teen Challenge program in April 2014.


Whilst in Teen Challenge I learnt new patterns of behaviours, new mindsets, learnt how to function in society and provide a stable environment to raise my children in. I learnt how to live free from my addictions and depression. Teen Challenge provided me with a safe and structured environment in which I could easily understand and then apply my new life skills. The staff were always positive, encouraging and supportive.


Since completing the Teen Challenge program in April 2015 I have gone from strength to strength. I have full custody of all four of my children and raise them in a safe, loving and encouraging environment. They are the happiest they have ever been in their entire lives. I currently am a full time student and volunteer in various community outreach programs.


Most importantly I have never relapsed and have been completely clean for well over two years now. After ten years long years of battling depression it is no longer an issue and haven’t taken any sort of anti-depressant medication for over a year.  Teen Challenge changed my life forever and I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from addictions and other life controlling issues.