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Lauren's Story

Lauren's Story

Lauren grew up in a typical suburban home, but when she was 10, her dad, a local policeman, experienced a traumatic event that almost cost him his life. The effects of this spilled over into their family life, and life became strained. Home didn't always feel like a safe place for Lauren. She also experienced significant trauma personally during her childhood and teenage years, and a series of challenging experiences left a lasting and devastating impact on her. And for many years, Lauren suppressed these feelings.

Like many families, drug and alcohol abuse impacted Lauren’s family.

When Lauren graduated from high school, she became obsessed with her weight and developed bulimia, and she remembers taking hot showers until her skin would scald. Things settled for her, and she began a successful hairdressing business. She met and married Yohan and had two beautiful children. For the first seven years together, everything was beautiful, but after the triggering event of losing a baby during pregnancy, all of Lauren's trauma from her past began to surface. She started to self-medicate, drinking and taking Valium. She behaved out of character and became depressed and very unwell mentally and physically. Her friends and husband knew about Teen Challenge QLD and encouraged Lauren to join the program. She did and spent 12 months in the New Life Centres in Toowoomba.

It was here that she could face her hurt, pain, and shame. It was a huge sacrifice to leave her family, but she knew that this would be her way back to them. She says it best...

"Before I arrived at rehab, my life was wild and chaotic. I cried out for help, but not many people could sit with that pain, hurt or wildness that not even I understood, but Teen Challenge could. Through all the chaos and turmoil, I found healing; I found me."

Lauren's story is powerful because deep healing takes time, and people need lots of love and professional support to help them to find healing and wholeness. Lauren found recovery because of people like you who give their support.

Lauren's says,

"I remember walking out of the doors of the rehab for the last time, and I felt like a different person. No longer numb or in pain. I had faced my trauma head-on. I am now more grounded and more compassionate with myself and others. I am the kind of mum and wife I always dreamed of being. I don't know where I'd be today without the help of TCQ. It's not just a program. It's a place that gives life back. It gave back mine. I am so grateful."

The transformation of lives like Lauren's is made possible because of the generous supporters of Teen Challenge QLD. Thank you.

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