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Mark's Story

Mark's Story

I came from a good home, my mum, a single mother; is a strong woman. Looking back I know I missed a male role model in my life. I got into drugs during high school, and started experimenting with marijuana and drinking and before long was introduced to harder drugs. I was a diligent student who loved sports however on the weekends I began seriously partying. I hid the extent of my drug-taking for some time, lying to friends and family and living a double life.


I didn't hit a rock bottom, but with my heroin addiction, my weight plummeted to under 50kg. I was very unwell; body, soul and spirit and I was living in denial about my addictions. My life was out of control and something had to change. My mum collected several rehab brochures, including one for Teen Challenge QLD. I was hesitant to go to TCQ - I didn't like the idea of a Christian program, however, it came down to TCQ or nothing and so in desperation I decided to give it a chance. This turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life and I am so grateful for the time I spent there.


At the time of my rehabilitation, the TCQ rehab centre was in Charters Towers. I still remember the dusty drive there, it was in the back of beyond! I spent 6 months in the program and 6 months as an intern in the community. TCQ offered me a space to find the answers to my deepest questions; God became very real to me. After TCQ I did further study at a Bible College and then went on to complete a teaching degree. I am now in a leadership role at a Sunny Coast high school and married with 2 great children. My role as a teacher and head of a department allows me to positively influence young people's lives. I know I can help my students find their potential and purpose in life.

I keep myself well through my faith, keeping connected to supportive people and by prioritizing my fitness.


To anyone considering rehab I would say just go for it.

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