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Yohan's Story

Yohan's Story

When someone you deeply love spirals into addiction, it not only creates havoc in their own life but can also create chaos in the lives of their family members.  Your loved one’s journey of addiction and recovery becomes your journey too.

Yohan and Lauren are a beautiful couple who shared seven years of happiness and cherished moments, raising two beautiful children. But the devastating loss of their third child through miscarriage triggered deep-seated traumas from Lauren's past. Their once loving relationship became marred by secrecy and lies, leaving Yohan increasingly worried about the well-being of his wife and children. Yohan discovered hidden stashes of alcohol in Lauren’s clothes and witnessed her struggle with her dependence on substances. As a caring partner, Yohan initially tried to fix the problem himself. But he soon realized he lacked the skills and resources needed to address the underlying issues. They reached out for professional help. Choosing a rehab that was holistic was important, and a program that incorporated the spiritual, physical, and emotional areas of Lauren's life was a must. Lauren entered the Teen Challenge QLD rehab program in Toowoomba.

Yohan says it best, "When Lauren went into Teen Challenge, I didn’t know whether I would get my wife back. But after nearly a year in  rehab Lauren came home… healed and whole . And none of this would be possible without the support of compassionate individuals who give to Teen Challenge. When you give to Teen Challenge, you not only give to the person in rehab, but you provide hope and restoration to their family, friends, and community. Lives like Lauren's are restored because of the generosity and kindness of the donors of Teen Challenge, so thank you.”

Thank you. Your gifts create a changed future for people like Lauren and Yohan, and your generosity fuels hope and restoration.

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