By partnering with us in 2019, you will be helping to fund these critical projects:

Our goal is to give 10 young people the gift of a new life in 2019. Your support can help provide crisis accommodation, residential rehabilitation and professional services such as doctors, psychologists, counsellors and dietitians for young people dealing with life-controlling issues.

1. 70 Young Lives

2. Women's New Life Centre Expansion

We have received a removable home which is able to house eight women in our Women's New Life Centre. With the relocation of the building comes infrastructure, plumbing and electrical costs to have it in liveable order. Once this project is complete, we will be able to welcome eight more young women into our life-saving program.

3. Intern House Repairs

Our interns comprise of students who have just graduated from the 12 month program and stay on to help give back to the community and gain valuable work experience. Our interns live on-property as our centres are quite remote and we want to give them a comfortable place to stay during this time. Currently, we are in need of funds to complete restorative work on the property in order for it to be livable.

4. 'Not Even Once' Program

In 2019, we are continuing our drug education program in Toowoomba High Schools, reaching students with a message of ‘Not Even Once’. The purpose of this program is to educate young people on the effects of drugs to stop the abuse before it begins.

5. Invest in a Future

An integral part of recovery is providing our graduates with work and education pathways following the completion of the program. Your donation can help a Teen Challenge QLD student to study a Certificate IV in Youth Work, which can help them have a positive and lasting impact in the community. 

6. Community Garden

Our goal is to have a community garden where we can produce our own fruits and veggies to cut expenses on food. The produce from this garden will also be used to make our own fresh products (jams, relishes, etc.) that we can sell, with all profits going back to supporting the young people in our program.

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