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It is an incredible privilege to be the Executive Director of an organisation that instills hope into seemingly hopeless situations. We are passionate and motivated to walk the journey of recovery with those who are struggling with life controlling problems such as, addiction, self-harm, eating disorders, anxiety and depression.


I am honoured to lead an extraordinary team of dedicated professional staff who are committed to seeing young people break free from the cycle of addiction. Our mission is clear, we exist ‘to restore hope and rebuild lives’; to offer young men and women a second chance at life.

​Substance abuse is one of the most prevalent issues that this generation faces. It has no socio-economic boundaries and most experts agree that addiction has a ripple effect, bringing discord not only into the home but society as well. The impact of substance abuse on our communities is both significant and complex, causing increase in homelessness, criminal activity, mental health issues and family breakdown.

By the time these young people come to Teen Challenge QLD they have lost hope and have given up on themselves; we have many years of experience and we know how to nurture these young people, restore their hope and love them to wholeness. Our young men and women learn how to respect themselves and others in a caring and structured environment that is conducive to their recovery.
We are a faith based organisation and our rehabilitation centres are self-funded.

By partnering with Teen Challenge you are partnering with an organisation that is passionate about tackling one of the most serious issues facing this generation.

I believe that every life is precious and the capacity for greatness resides within every individual. It’s our mission to help them find it.

    - Joanne Hobbs | Executive Director

​For more information about Teen Challenge QLD or how you can partner with us please email our Business Operations Manager at or call (07) 3422 1500.

"I was a heroin addict for ten years, used methamphetamine regularly and was severely depressed. I had a family of four children I was providing for but they often suffered greatly becasue of my lifestyle and behaviours. Since completing the Teen Challenge program I have gone from strength to strength. I know have full custody of all four of my children and raise them in a safe, loving and encouraging environment. They are the happiest they have ever been in their entire lives, and I'm living completely free from drugs and depression. Teen Challenge changed my life forever." - Ben

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