Ways to Partner

There are many ways you can partner with Teen Challenge and be involved in the vital work we do to assist young people in need.

Become a Monthly Financial Partner

Regular contributions are integral to maintaining ongoing operations of our programs. To sign up as a regular contributor click here.

In-Kind Support

​Donate goods or services which can assist young people in our Rehabilitation and Emergency Accommodation Centres.

Event Support

​We hold several fundraising opportunities in Brisbane and Toowoomba. There are always opportunities to partner with us at these events including our annual Gala Dinner.

Workplace Giving

Rally the support of fellow colleagues and donate a nominated amount from each pay.

Where your donation goes

Visit our projects page to see what your support will help fund.

"I’d just like to thank all those who volunteer here give generously to the program because without them this wouldn’t be able to happen and people wouldn’t be able to be saved like myself. I’m just grateful for people like that so thank you." - Dylan

Office Hours


8:30am - 4:30pm

Corporate Office

P: 3422 1500

F: 3422 1511

E: tcqld@teenchallenge.org.au

PO Box 2097, Brookside Centre 4053

Corporate Partnerships, Fundraising, Marketing & Events

M: 0436 482 809

E: events@teenchallenge.org.au

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