Teen Challenge Praises Government on Tougher Synthetic Drug Laws

Teen Challenge Qld congratulates the Federal Government on the implementation of a blanket ban on synthetic drugs.

Moving from listing the substances as prohibited to banning all synthetic drugs, unless proved as being used legitimately, will go a long way to quashing the currently legal market for synthetic drugs.

Executive Director, Joanne Hobbs, says the blanket ban is a positive step in limiting the drugs available on the street and therefore reducing death and other dangerous affects experienced with their use.

“It is great to see the Federal Government take a stronger stand on the importation of dangerous synthetic drugs,” she said.

“Not only will this decrease the availability of these substances to the public, especially teens and young adults, but it also sends a clear message to the manufacturers that we are determined to stamp out this market within our country,” Mrs Hobbs continued.

In addition to legislating the ban, Teen Challenge also praises the Government on the increased penalties for importing the drugs from fines to jail time.

“Continuing to have a strong approach to the legal and illegal drug market within Australia, will continue to show young Australian’s that these drugs are dangerous, and as a country we want to protect them from experiencing the negative effect these drugs will have on their health and their lives,” she finished.


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