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Updates from New Hope House

A very needed service that TCQ provides is through the provision of emergency accommodation for young men aged 16-25 years old in inner-city Brisbane (New Hope House).

Recently there has also been a large number of young men with significant mental health issues triggered by drug use. Eleanor (caseworker) explained that because NHH works closely with quality Mental Health services they were able to support these vulnerable residents to gain the help they needed. The following story from *Steve gives an insight into the impact of NHH. Enjoy the read!

“When I first came to New Hope House (NHH), I was in a very dark place. I was self-harming, suicidal and very angry. So many things had happened with my mum passing away, and I was always fighting with my dad, it was tough. I was at NHH for 3 months, and now I am leaving with a steady part-time job, a place at university, permanent accommodation, and I am back in contact with my family. I’m so proud of myself and very thankful to the staff at NHH."

- *Steve

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