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Straight from the Heart

The work of TCQ couldn’t happen without the generous support of donors. Recently a survey was done at the New Life Centre (NLC) and current students were asked to contribute their experiences of rehabilitation at the NLC rehab. Here is a sampling of some of their comments.

"My caseworker has helped me more than I can put into words".

"The staff treat us like real people, they don't look down on us, they just love us and they are so patient and kind.

"I am learning what safe friendships can be".

"I can see and feel new life within me and I want to share this with others".

"God has given me inner peace".

"I am learning how to resolve conflict the right way".

"I want to be healthy in every way when I leave the program".

The Christmas Appeal is about to launch and when it does we will be featuring Joy’s story. Joy is a young woman who has found hope and healing after investing 12 months of her life into rehabilitation. So stay tuned, we also have some downloadable Christmas gifts for you.

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