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Bruce's Why

“I believe Teen Challenge QLD (TCQ) has the answers for people who are fighting drug addiction. I’m a father of 5 sons and one 1 daughter. My second eldest son Blain developed a drug problem that stole 6 years of his life. I understand the pain and grief caused by drug addiction.I saw Blain move from desperation and despair to a new life of hope and recovery. Blain had tried several rehabilitation centres but none of these was able to bring about any lasting results, whereas Teen Challenge gave him the tools he needed to make a full recovery. I saw the impact that TCQ had on every area of Blain’s life.

I am an advocate for TCQ because I have watched as not only Blain but many other men and women who have graduated from the program have been set free from their addictions. These young men and women are now serving the community, working, studying and speaking to other young people about their experiences. Teen Challenge QLD has a high rate of success. It offers more than the hope of recovery, it offers a greater purpose, it encourages people to choose a life that is lived for others. I am going to help TCQ grow its revenue sources, and find income that will sustain and grow the work. I am going to assist TCQ get the Container Recovery scheme up and running as I see this as an opportunity to turn our waste into changed lives.

Last year my wife Marleen and I put on a dinner for Teen Challenge QLD and all the effort was worth it because I know the funds went directly to help people like my son. I do what I can for TCQ because so many people are hurt by the drug epidemic and my family is living proof that there is hope and answers for people struggling with drug addiction. If I can play a part in facilitating the opportunity for even one other person to be free from addiction that will be worth any time or money that I contribute. My vision is to empower and educate Australians to live drug-free and I’m praying for a world where young people seek the help they need to deal with their hurt and pain and for the resources for TCQ to meet these needs. When you care about something you act. Raising funds for TCQ means young men like my son Blain can find hope and rebuild their lives.

[Bruce Swinford]

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