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Host a Clothes Swap

Ever cleaned out your closest (or perhaps thought about cleaning out your closet) and thought there is some good stuff here that I just don’t wear! Well how about combining your clean out with some fundraising for Teen Challenge Qld?

That’s exactly what Ingrid Ryan, Anna Lyons and Joanne Maud from Empower Church in Toowoomba did, and they raised over $2000!

A simple and effective way to fundraise – and score a new outfit or two! By hosting a clothes swap and charging friends an entry free, the girls were able to get rid of items they no longer wore, picked up some new pieces and raised much needed funds for Teen Challenge Qld. Win, win, win.

Here’s a few tips we have put together for those thinking about hosting a clothes swap fundraiser.

Getting people there

When thinking about who to invite it’s a good idea to consider catering to a variety of body shapes. Make sure to include a diverse range of petite, tall and bigger sizes so everyone has an opportunity to find something new.

Now – getting the word out about your event. We recommend using the event function on Facebook to manage your event because it creates in instant community around the activity, allowing invitees to be involved before the event.

As well as providing a platform to manage RSVP’s, Facebook can also be a great forum for informing invitees about the cause you are promoting, answer any common questions people may have about the event or the cause, and give an idea of what can be expected at the event.

Also, encourage invitees to post pictures of what clothes they might bring along! This could incentivise others to attend, if they can see the types of clothes that will be available.

Running the event


To give the best experience possible for your guests it’s a good idea to set clear guidelines around what to contribute to the event.

This may include:

– Clean and good quality clothing and accessories

– No underwear or swimwear (for hygiene purposes)

– Everyone donates something!


It would be beneficial to encourage others to give you their donations prior to the event. This will provide an opportunity to sort through the items and perhaps remove any that might not be appropriate. It will also allow more time to set up the display of items nicely before the event starts.

Below are some tips to assist in setting up the space:

– Set up a curtained area for trying on items

– Have a few full length mirrors

– Good lighting

– A couple of good size tables

– Clothing racks if you can get some

And of course – don’t forget to collect the entry fee either in a tin or jar at the entrance. Teen Challenge also has credit card slips that can be sent out to you prior to your event. Simply email ( us to have these sent to you. We can also provide you with collateral that outlines who Teen Challenge Qld is and what we do, for your guests to peruse.


We all know food really does help to put the fun in fundraising so make sure you include snacks and drinks in your set up. Coming together to shop, style and catch up over some food is a great way to spend time with your friends while raising money for charity.

More little tips

– Have a few bags on hand for people to take their new treasures home. – Play some music to help create a “boutique” atmosphere. – Donate what ever is left to organisations like St Vincent de Paul and Lifeline. – Throw in a little twist by auctioning off the more popular items.

It would be great to share your efforts with the Teen Challenge Qld community so don’t forget to take lots of pictures and share with us either via email ( or on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Happy swapping!

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