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Teen Challenge Celebrates a Win for Drug and Alcohol Education

MEDIA STATEMENT Issued 30th September 2014

Teen Challenge celebrates a win for drug and alcohol education

Teen Challenge Qld is praising the state Government over the announcement of a compulsory drug and alcohol curriculum being rolled out in grades 11 and 12 in term 4, covering all secondary school grades in 2015.

The Queensland based organisation that provides accommodation and rehabilitation for young people battling life controlling addictions, feels this is a positive step towards opening up the lines of communication to provide teenagers with accurate information on a previously taboo topic.

Executive Director, Joanne Hobbs, says the new program will not only benefit the students directly but also families and the wider community.

“The topic of drug and alcohol use has, for too long, been off the table. Above providing education on the potential outcomes of drug and alcohol use, this new program will encourage young people to openly and comfortably discuss the topic both amongst themselves and with their families.”

“Teen Challenge often see young people who turn to the use of drugs and alcohol out of experimentation, as they lack understanding of the effects it could potentially have on their lives”, she continued.

“These situations are often made worse by the fact they don’t feel comfortable talking to their parents, teachers or school chaplains.”

Having previously provided educational programs throughout schools, Teen Challenge knows that education, and having a forum for open communication, is a key component in helping young people make positive choices.


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