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Corporate Partnerships | Partner with Teen Challenge | Workplace Charitable Giving

Corporate Partnerships

"By partnering with Teen Challenge you are partnering with an organisation that is passionate about tackling one of the most serious issues facing this generation. I believe that every life is precious and the capacity for greatness resides within every individual. It’s our mission to help them find it."

- Joanne Hobbs, Executive Director Teen Challenge QLD.

Teen Challenge is a relevant, unique organisation that meets the needs of the community and saves young lives. Hear more about our mission from Executive Director Joanne Hobbs.

There are many ways you can partner with Teen Challenge including Event Sponsorship, In-Kind Support and Workplace Giving.

"I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t here. If I wasn’t here I’m afraid to say that I’d probably be either in jail or dead. But the blessing is this place is here and it’s because of the people that volunteer or help fund this place that it’s still able to run, that it’s still able to be that light on a hill for people that are so desperate for hope." - Mikey

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