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Help Us Win the War

Last week Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced a national task force to battle what he called “the worst drug problem ever to hit Australia”. He labelled the drug crystal methamphetamine (commonly known as ice) as pernicious and evil, and that the rapid hold it has taken on our community is beyond anything that we have seen before. He declared war.

There might not be tanks rolling in or troops being deployed but now, at the highest level of government, this is a national war. And we are at the forefront.

My heart is grieved as we see firsthand the young lives that are being destroyed through this drug. More than ever Teen Challenge needs your support to provide a life line to these young men and women who are desperately trying to claw their way out of this destructive lifestyle, and away from the enemy.

Every day young lives are being lost on this battlefield and at times it can seem overwhelming; but we can’t win this war if we retreat. We must stand our ground. We must not let the enemy take another inch. Will you stand with us to save young lives and offer them a future that is filled with hope and possibilities?

I not only fight this battle every day for Teen Challenge but I have also fought it on a very personal level. My own son was addicted to crystal methamphetamine and we as a family felt the deep despair of watching a loved one descend into the grips of this evil drug. There aren’t adequate words to describe the feeling of watching your child’s life being destroyed before your very eyes. I know that despair but I also know the overwhelming joy of watching that same life being restored, healed and set free.

We can’t give up this fight for the next generation. We must be determined to face this enemy head on and provide a way of escape for them. Teen Challenge can’t do this alone, we need people like you – warriors for hope, who see the value in each and every person battling addiction and who cares enough to stand with us.

Please help us to win the war by entering the battle with us and giving to our Autumn Appeal. Every donation over $2 is tax deductible.

Together we can make a difference.

Joanne Hobbs Executive Director.

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