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Q&A with Youth Worker Noelene Crocker

We have an incredible team of Youth Support Workers who play an integral part in looking after the young people in our program and supporting them in every way we can. Noelene Crocker has been a Youth Support Worker in our homeless centre - New Hope House - for almost five years now and we appreciate her so much for her dedication to seeing young lives changed.

What is involved in your role as a Youth Support Worker?

There isn't a typical day in my role, which I enjoy. For my work within the homeless centre I help with case management, running programs and helping the young men in the centre to get connected back into the community. I also spend time playing games or simply chatting with them to build relationships.

In the support aspect of my role, I run discussion groups on varied subjects and do after-care with former residents and women who I have met through my role that have been involved in the sex industry.

What is the most rewarding part about your role?

Seeing life and hope come back into lifeless eyes of young people.

From your experiences, why do you think Teen Challenge works?

Teen Challenge offers God's unconditional love and helps them to establish healthy self-esteem in their broken lives. ​

Noelene pictured here with Ben O'Brien who graduated from Teen Challenge 2 years ago. Since graduating, Ben has furthered his studies in leadership and youth work, and has come on board as a Youth Worker at Teen Challenge.

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