Q&A with Team Leader Rob McCubben

Rob McCubben has faithfully served Teen Challenge QLD for more than 16 years! Rob is a man of many skills and ensures the New Life Men's Centre is able to effectively equip and empower young men.

What is involved in your role as a Team Leader?

My role includes day-to-day management of the New Life Men's Centre which includes overseeing the rehabilitation program, general operations, casework for new students, mentoring and pastoral care for Case Workers, live-in volunteers and interns, as well as overseeing our cattle herd (one of our social enterprise ventures).

What is the most rewarding part about your role?

Seeing blokes smile regularly after not smiling for the first few weeks. Also having blokes share insights into the gospel they have received and graduation from the program (Champion's Night), as well as attending former student's weddings.

From your experiences, why do you think Teen Challenge works?

Our services allow people to experience God's love and they respond to that. We have great staff who compliment each other and are dedicated to making disciples of Jesus. ​


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